Retail Vendor Compliance can be challenging based on Retailer requirements. PCWC’s Vendor Compliance program enables you to ship to Big Box retailers with peace of mind.  We’ve been providing leading-edge Vendor Compliance for over ten years and understand the specific guidelines required to meet the retailer expectations.  Our technology helps our customers reduce chargebacks and challenge those chargebacks with information.


RFID is a recent example of how quickly PCWC moves to keep you compliant.  We went from start to RFID compliance in under six months.  PCWC is encoding and applying RFID tags at both the pallet and case levels.  We can rapidly enable your specific RFID tagging requirements.


PCWC ships your freight on the standard VICS BOL.  Additionally, we electronically capture the driver’s signature and archive the BOL in PDF format.  We can deliver your BOLs to you daily via email or FTP and provide them on-demand on the internet via LIDS (PCWC’s proprietary Logistics Information Delivery System).

PCWC validates your shipment information as it is brought into our system and throughout the order process to ensure accurate and timely ASNs.


PCWC provides compliant UCC128 labels for major retailers.  In addition, we provide custom label formats to meet your specific customer needs.