Technology goes hand-in-hand with strong and capable 3PL organizations.  Creating productive and efficient workflows transfers into cost savings and efficiencies for our customers.  Pacific Coast Warehouse continues to invest in technology that supports our operational teams in executing excellence to our customer’s supply chain and their success.

Pacific Coast Warehouse uses Synapse Warehouse Management System which brings a high-value WMS software technology into the the organization.  WMS deployment of efficiencies and flexibility allows PCW to provide realtime visibility and accessibility of information to our customers.

Our WMS manages the process with RF capabilities.  Control of product is accomplished through Bar Code Scanning hardware.  On receipt, the inbound pallet is assigned a discreet identification number and its location within the warehouse is determined through a scan of the bar coded location tag.  SKU, lot, and quantity information pertaining to that pallet is manually keyed allow full information of all product. All subsequent product movement activities are dependent on proper scan of pallet and location scan codes.

Cycle count routines are available in addition to the annual physical inventory counts.  These processes include ongoing counting of specific SKUs, inventory and/or random selections.

Our website ( incorporates a secure environment that is password protected to our customers.  Access to the Customer Portal (WEBSYNAPSE) is easily available at the PCWC website.

WEBSYNAPSE, our customer portal, allows full transparency and accessibility to our customers.  While all information is available for online review, our reporting module allows clients to customize and export any report at any time with a variety of filters and selections.  Reports include summary and detailed information on Inventory, Product (SKU) and Activity.

A variety of options that may be executed from either party.  Our primary method of EDI communications is achieved through the EDI/communication software system from GXS Trustedlink i is one of the most popular EDI communications packages in the world. The package is extremely flexible and designed exclusively for the IBM i operating system.  Additional communication that PCWC supports is FTP and CDF.

EDI documents traded include, but are not limited to:

846 – Inventory Inquiry/Advice
856 – Ship Notice/Manifest
940 – Warehouse Shipping Order
943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
944 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice
997 – Functional Acknowledgment

Many other modules are available for specific client requirements. If the proper module does not exist for a given task, PCWC maintains a capable in-house development staff that is supplemented by a number of commercial vendors for development of any special request needed.