Managing the supply chain challenges in today’s market demands the organizational agility found at PCW.  While these challenges are ever-changing and unpredictable, the one thing you can depend on is that Pacific Coast Warehouse will be your anchor in the perfect storm. Our depth of distribution experience provides us with stability in labor and processes along with the flexibility to change quickly in a nimble environment.  We collaborate with customers to design their best distribution method of work.  forklift

While each customer organization has specific requirements for their supply chain needs.  At PCW, we provide warehousing services in a variety of methods to fit what works best for their supply chain.


  • Space needs are always met.  You can increase or decrease your needs based on season impact, a hot product or some other force in your marketplace.
  • Convert our fixed costs to a variable cost structure in space, labor and other expenses.
  • Use and pay for the services that you need.  Your expenses are naturally aligned with your revenues.
  • You can focus on your business and core competencies.  We understand the needs of the logistics supply chain – let us handle this for you.
  • The expertise of the PCW teams provide you with experience with a variety of industries, customers and best practices.
  • We are your logistics arm – we will take care of your customer.  Our relationship with them will continue to provide a competitive advantage because we care.
  • You don’t lose control of your supply chain process. Full visibility is available with a variety of online options.


  • Your processes, procedures, and operational focus are customized and specific to your business.
  • Your dedicated resources are customized to your business and not shared with other clients.
  • Your space is guaranteed at all times.
  • Performance to your Customer is tracked through scorecards and key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Your pricing is created through a budget process that is approved by you.
  • You can focus on your core competencies. The agreed upon metrics will ensure that we are performing at the expected service levels.
  • We are an extension of you – your logistics department!  You will rest easy knowing that we are taking care of everything for you.
  • You can spend your time and capital on your core business
  • We offer our customers start-to-finish supply chain solutions. Our depth of customization for single customer facilities can include; buildings, equipment, technological integration, transportation, co-packaging and other value-added services.

In both solutions, PCW provides an infrastructure support in human resources, technology, financial services and top level account management.  What differentiates us from others is our ability to offer custom solutions while preserving our unique culture and philosophy – this persona remains consistent throughout our entire organization.   Our measurement of performance through KPI’s track in areas of accuracy, on-time, cost and quality are significant ways to ensure service expectations and continuous improvement lifestyle in our processes.

We provide you a competitive advantage with our best in class solutions and expertise in areas of regional expertise,  Let PCW provide the service solution for your customer.

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