Let us answer any other questions you may have . . .

How experienced is PCWC?   PCWC has been in the third party logistics industry for over 90 years providing comprehensive services to customers in warehousing, transportation and value-added services.

How does PCWC onboard new customers?   Spending time with new customers and ensuring that expectations are understood by both parties is the first action that is taken.  Once those expectations are outlined (in the contract or procedures) then conference calls are scheduled to review milestones and operational performance.

What does PCWC’s client base look like?   PCWC has a diverse client base that serve industries in FOOD | BEVERAGE, ALCOHOL | SPIRITS, CPG and in a specialized facility INDUSTRIAL | CHEMICAL.  These specialty areas require additional knowledge and training that PCWC employees have accomplished.

Why does PCWC use a transportation network versus their own assets?   In an effort to create best-practice solutions for our customers, PCWC strategically decided to work with a network of transportation providers on behalf of their customers.  This allows PCWC to develop the best option of transportation based on the specific needs and expectations of our customer.

Is there a benefit of working with a 3PL company like PCWC?   There are very specific reasons to outsource logistics.  Below are several reasons:

  • Focus on Critical Operations
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Liabilities
  • Improved Scalability
  • Efficient Real-Time Visibility
  • Reduced Office Tasks

PCWC ensures efficiencies and cost effectiveness through metrics that are developed between PCWC and its customer.  These metrics allow progress and communicates continuous improvement.

Does PCWC have the systems and technology that allows me visibility?    Yes!  The PCWC WMS (warehouse management system) is robust and provides all the key requirement to our customers.  A robust web portal (LIDS) gives access, visibility and transparency to all transactions associated to their business.  Get real time status on your phone or any other web-enabled device!  A variety of online Reports are also available on WEBSYNAPSE.