Have a Great Attitude

ATTITUDE IS YOUR CHOICE Having a positive or negative attitude is your choice.  You can approach life (and work) in any manner you want — completely up to you.  Workplace attitudes impact everyone.  It can determine morale, productivity and team dynamics.   Some of the advantages of a Great Attitude are:  PROFESSIONALLY: Positive Work Environment Improves… Read More

Business Reviews are Critical in the 3PL-Customer Relationship

Communication is critical in building trust in relationships.  Each person brings their own past experiences, history and expectations into it.  Plus people communicate differently – some are better at it than others.  This is why it is critical that Business Reviews are scheduled and performed between Third Party Logistics providers and their customers.  Because communication either makes or breaks… Read More

Collaboration = Successful Partnership

The whole idea of partnership has been out there for a long time.  The role of the third party logistics provider has moved from “vendor” to “partner” where both organizations are working together to accomplish shared goals by sharing information and learnings.  But that just doesn’t happen.  As with a Team, both organizations must build… Read More