PCW Way – #2

Face All Problems quickly and decisively MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Mike Myatt, a leadership advisor to America’s top CEOs and leaders, commented, “Many would say if you’re in the leadership business, you are also in the business of dealing with adversity.  After all, leadership means facing challenges head-on”.  This is the epitome of #2… Read More


A Culture of Teamship resulting in Quality MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Throughout my career I worked for companies that impacted me personally and professionally. Those organizations who positively impacted me always had the same characteristics:  Leadership that believed in its culture and the people around who used it as a way of business.  It… Read More

Why Order Fulfillment is an indicator of QUALITY

Logistics efficiency must be addressed in multiple facets of the 3PL business.  However, Order fulfillment is one of the most relevant areas needed for efficient processes.  Warehouse picking productivity and accuracy requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail and, if not done well, can impact your business with higher costs and inaccurate… Read More

How can you make sure your partner has a continuous improvement mentality?

Having an on-going self-improvement process and effort to improve services is the basis for continuous improvement.  Small changes will add up to big wins over time.  But, while many discuss improvement, how can you ensure your 3PL partner really does it? Review 5 factors that will help you determine your 3PL’s approach to continuous improvement:… Read More