PCW Way – #3

Communicate Proactively MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Proactive communications is a strategy used to increase customer loyalty by building credibility through anticipated customer care.  It allows an organization to reduce any customer frustration and customer service issues with personal and efficient interactions. Using an intentional and proactive approach to customer communication is a great management… Read More

Gaining Trust creates a Sustainable Competitive Advantge

Gaining trust within any relationship takes time and builds upon itself.  A structured approach to building trust creates a tangible approach that can influence your relationships resulting in a healthy business model that thrives and grows. Trust-based initiatives creates a sustainable competitive advantage where customers are less interested in price-related issues, creates greater value and… Read More

How can you make sure your partner has a continuous improvement mentality?

Having an on-going self-improvement process and effort to improve services is the basis for continuous improvement.  Small changes will add up to big wins over time.  But, while many discuss improvement, how can you ensure your 3PL partner really does it? Review 5 factors that will help you determine your 3PL’s approach to continuous improvement:… Read More

Be Relevant.

The only constant, in a complex business market that continues to shift, is change.  To be relevant you need to be able to change.  And a company that is relevant brings value.  Organizations and Individuals must be relevant and pertinent to be valuable to their customers.  Intentional actions engage with customers and contribute to their… Read More