PCW Way – #3

Communicate Proactively MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Proactive communications is a strategy used to increase customer loyalty by building credibility through anticipated customer care.  It allows an organization to reduce any customer frustration and customer service issues with personal and efficient interactions. Using an intentional and proactive approach to customer communication is a great management… Read More


A Culture of Teamship resulting in Quality MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Throughout my career I worked for companies that impacted me personally and professionally. Those organizations who positively impacted me always had the same characteristics:  Leadership that believed in its culture and the people around who used it as a way of business.  It… Read More

The Power of Intention

Good intentions with customers can go a long way in building a relationship that continuously nurtures trust.  Leadership followed up with actions allows a relationship to evolve and grow toward something more purposeful. The Pacific Coast Warehouse team has always been transparent in its communication and authentic in its relationships.  These building blocks has always… Read More