PCW Way – #9

Act like the Owner MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Leaders and team members who think and act like owners are fully accountable for commitments, responsibilities, and relationships. They are responsible for achieving results, regardless of the obstacles or challenges that may get in their way. This is the one of the definitions online that talks about… Read More

PCW Way – #8

Question the Status Quo MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING “Well that’s the way we’ve always done it” is the common phrase we’ve all heard that can paralyze an organization.  However, what has worked and was “tried and true” in the past doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for today.  When no one challenges the status… Read More

PCW Way – #7

Measure Performance and Recognize Achievement MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING As a 3PL measuring performance drives the operational processes and a continuous improvement mentality.  One way we do that is by creating metrics within the organization. Those metrics may be oriented towards the warehouse operations, transportation operations or your customer care team.  Measuring different elements… Read More

PCW Way – #3

Communicate Proactively MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Proactive communications is a strategy used to increase customer loyalty by building credibility through anticipated customer care.  It allows an organization to reduce any customer frustration and customer service issues with personal and efficient interactions. Using an intentional and proactive approach to customer communication is a great management… Read More

PCW Way – #2

Face All Problems quickly and decisively MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Mike Myatt, a leadership advisor to America’s top CEOs and leaders, commented, “Many would say if you’re in the leadership business, you are also in the business of dealing with adversity.  After all, leadership means facing challenges head-on”.  This is the epitome of #2… Read More

PCW Way – #1

Customer Care is Job #1 MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT, JIM EMMERLING Customers are what allows our company to exist.  Without customers – there is no Pacific Coast Warehouse.  That’s why we make the Customer our first priority.  We want to ensure our customers feel appreciated because we DO appreciate them. We appreciate them because we know… Read More