1927 •   Pacific Coast Warehouse Company was founded in 1927 in Los Angeles, California under the name of Pacific Coast Terminal Company.  With 116,000 square feet, the company established its business with customers in the Tobacco industry.

1941   In 1941 the company moved to a new facility in the Central Manufacturing District Terminal as its current facility was required by the Military.  Since tobacco was not only valuable but scarce in war time, it became a high risk business. Pacific Coast moved towards Food and other General Merchandise businesses.

1950 •   After the war, under new ownership Pacific Coast moved to a new building in Vernon, California occupying 200,000 square feet.  With this space expansion and post war growth, the organization grew and prospered.  It was during this time that the Pacific Coast Terminal Company began attracting Chemical and Industrial customers.

1983 •   Pacific Coast Terminal Warehouse Company changed its name to Pacific Coast Warehouse Corporation (PCWC) under new ownership.

1987 •   All operations were moved from the Central Manufacturing District Terminal 6-story building to two state-of-the-art warehouses in Chino, California occupying 625,000 square feet.

2011 •   Pacific Coast relocated it Corporate operations to a new facility in Ontario, California.

2015 •  Pacific Coast expands hazardous materials capability with the lease of a 190,000 SF, state-of-the-art facility in Chino, California.

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