Our story starts over seventy years ago when Pacific Coast Warehouse Company began with one facility in Los Angeles. We have grown and have become one of the finest distribution organizations in the Western United States.

We are currently operating nearly 60,000 pallets on ongoing storage capacity in Southern California. Our facilities are of the highest quality concrete tilt-up construction, with rail service and complete sprinkler and alarm protection. Our ASI award-winning sanitation programs, complete code date tracking and stock rotation are all integral parts of our service.

In handling the distribution needs of each of our customers, we approach each situation as a very real member of that company’s distribution team. We are continually looking for ways to improve our operation in terms of both logistics and productivity, with the end result being lower costs to our customers. Our many years of service to our respected clients certainly confirm our success in these efforts.

Pacific Coast Warehouse Company complies with all safety, health and environmental practices required by our clients and by law. To ensure on-going regulatory compliance, we conduct regular training programs and each of our operating sites undergoes routine audits. We also invite local fire marshals to visit and inspect our operations, and we receive additional scrutiny by OSHA, insurance representatives, and our other clients’ personnel.