Have Fun!


Life is short.  I think the last 2 years has shown us that we need to value our time with others and our relationships.  So, bringing that into the workplace just makes sense.  We want out team to have fun doing what they do at Pacific Coast Warehouse.  We all spend a great deal of time at our workplace.  Having those connections and the belief that you are making a difference can bring great pleasure.

Celebrating the wins, encouraging friendships, peer-to-peer feedback, sharing photos of your kids, grandkids or pets – all are ways of ensuring that you enjoy where you work.  And that is important to us at PCWC.

The benefits of having fun is energizing to the team and can easily reduce stress.  Supply chain demands can be a stressful environment meeting the needs of your direct clients and the consumer.  Everything you can do to reduce that stress and anxiety in your work environment can only be helpful to all team mates. 

Fostering a positive work environment which is one of the main reasons for our PCW Way Culture helps unite many individuals into a team.  Isolating people will lower morale and with 2020 / 2021 challenges, that is not what people need.  Having fun with each other lowers barriers between everyone and improves communication and collaboration.

As we move into 2022, here at PCW, we embrace HAVING FUN as an important point on the PCW Way list!  We all need more of that in our lives.

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