Act like the Owner


Leaders and team members who think and act like owners are fully accountable for commitments, responsibilities, and relationships. They are responsible for achieving results, regardless of the obstacles or challenges that may get in their way.

This is the one of the definitions online that talks about “acting like the owner”.  But why would you want associates to act like this when they aren’t?

Well first, it can create a work environment for all associates that is more rewarding and enjoyable.  But at Pacific Coast Warehouse, we know that there are other meaningful results for not only the associate but also the organization.

  • Big Picture – everyone gets access and awareness to seeing the “big picture” of the organization.  Having this broader perspective on how decisions are made or why they are made allows everyone on the team to understand how their job impacts and contributes to the organization as a whole. 
  • Accountability – taking accountability for your work is important but having that deeper understanding widens the service depth and creates an environment of responsibility and ownership.
  • Eliminating Silos – allowing team members to work seamlessly within a process eliminates “walls” between departments.  Reducing those barriers allows team members to have a clearer picture of the entire process and the challenges that each area face.  Again, understanding the broader picture allows all team members to understand how big decisions are made and how many times can impact one area but be the best solution for the entire organization.

Asking team players to act like the owner with ownership in how they run their portion of business is a big task.  Letting transparency show them the bigger picture can bring big dividends in creating a meaningful work environment.  #9 in our PCW Way brings it all together.

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