Work as a Team


Teamwork is key to our success as an organization.  For PCWC, a team is your work family.  Where a group of people with different experiences and backgrounds work towards a common goal.  We have standing teams that are ongoing work groups and cross-functional teams where different areas of the organization are represented to get the best solution we can for our customers.

While there are a lot of ways to make a team successful – our most effective elements are our commitment to open communication and mutual accountability.  Some approaches that are used at PCWC are:

  • A team environment encourages employee empowerment.  That also encourages reasonable risks in the everyday workplace.  If you trust each other then you can provide an amount of decision making at a variety of levels.
  • Respectful and consistent communication.  Being open and honest can go along way as well as listening to expressed thoughts, ideas and opinions.  Ask questions to clarify.
  • Each team member is unique and special.  Everyone comes to the table with something different that must be embraced.  Diversity in solving a problem not only improves the process but can result in something amazing.
  • The team has a lifestyle of continuous improvement.  This one shows that the status quo is an everchanging.  Engaging in an improvement lifestyle creates a dynamic work environment and a way to satisfy customers long-term.

The idea of working as a team has long been out there in industry.  But teamwork takes work.  It doesn’t just happen.  PCWC continually strives to improve the team approach, hopefully, creating a satisfying and rewarding work experience for all our associates. Read More on our PCW Way Blog Series.

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