Seek Help As Needed


Why is it that people don’t want to ask for help because they’ll feel stupid or incompetent?  There is no reason for someone not to ask for help and building a culture that supports this will certainly make employees feel more comfortable with stepping out of their comfort zone and ask for help.

What people don’t understand is there are a lot of benefits to asking for help:

  1. Many See it as a Good Character Trait – we tend to believe that asking for help shows our vulnerability and is a sign of weakness.  But the truth is just the opposite.  When you think of your vulnerability as a sign of courage then it puts a completely different slant to the situation.
  2. Teams can be Better than Individuals – Being around a group of people who work hard and have a good work ethic can enhance everyone’s performance and effort.
  3. Allows you to Develop Relationships – Asking for help and sharing helps develop the relationships with others.  People who share are seen as more trustworthy and friendly.
  4. Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Instead of being overwhelmed with not knowing, asking for help reduces the stress and anxiety over the thought of not doing something properly.  Refusing to ask for help is counter-productive and only serves to impact your self-confidence and esteem.
  5. Gain Different Views – A work study conducted by the O.C. Tanner Institute showed that 72% of people who received awards for their work ask for advice, help, insights and opinions from people outside their inner circle.  Workers generated fresh ideas and perspectives on different tasks and situations.  You can create better and stronger results by asking for help!

Pacific Coast “The PCW Way” culture works to provide a work environment that is positive and engaging.  When the employees are satisfied and enjoy what they are doing, they feel appreciated, respected and a contributor to the organization.  While we believe this results in happy Customers, we also know that we all spend a great deal of time and effort at work.  We want our employees to understand that we support them in everything they do for PCWC!

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