Help Others Succeed


The business world reinforces that the way to get ahead is to take care of “number one” – yourself.  People who thrive for success are always wondering “what’s in it for me?”  Most cultures often see the world as one giant competition with winners and losers.  But the greatest joys in life are rarely found in the pursuit of selfish ambition and this approach can be short-sighted.

The funny thing is that the fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed.  When helping others succeed is embraced in a business culture, then you can create a powerful force called A TEAM.   A successful team is a group of people who help each other succeed in accomplishing a common goal.  While many work environments call themselves a team, true success is when everyone is committed to each other putting each others’ needs above their own.  In fact, our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are often gained by helping others fulfill theirs.

So, how does PCWC embrace this culture of HELP OTHERS SUCCEED?

Pay attention to the details of your Employees and Customers

When you make the effort to remember important details of someone’s life, you become a positive influence in their lives.  It shows that you genuinely care about them.

Give honest feedback in a respectful and constructive manner.

This is a hard thing to learn.  While many leaders would like to avoid confronting issues, it is necessary to learn to give honest and open feedback in a truly caring manner helping them improve.  The more you give feedback helping them improve, the more they will trust you and provide open feedback towards you too.

Be inspirational more than motivational.

When you inspire an employee by treating them with respect and sincerely show how much you appreciate their contribution to the organization, you will find that they will be motivated constantly to increase their efforts continually. 

This operational approach at Pacific Coast Warehouse of HELP OTHERS SUCCEED is not only the best way to create a strong and powerful team but it embraces a philosophy of getting the very best out of each other.

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