Communicate Proactively


Proactive communications is a strategy used to increase customer loyalty by building credibility through anticipated customer care.  It allows an organization to reduce any customer frustration and customer service issues with personal and efficient interactions.

Using an intentional and proactive approach to customer communication is a great management tool that not only can increase productivity to the associates through open discussions but improves the performance of a team by connecting with transparent communication.

But how does PCWC Leadership execute on #3 internally and externally?

  • Be Spontaneous with conversation.  Stopping and talking to employees at any time can provide insight that you may not receive in a structured meeting.  Calling and talking to customers just to check in with no specific reason can also provide some insight to their business and also encourages an open
  • Follow through on Commitments.  The worst thing a leader can do is not follow up or follow through on delegated tasks. 
  • Share new and updated Information.  Don’t wait until your associates or customers come back for answer because you haven’t kept them in the loop.  Share updates and anything new that has come to light.  People appreciate the proactive communication.
  • Clarify Communication. Don’t be afraid to ask or answer questions.  Clarifying information ensures everyone is understanding the situation and this will lead to less issues going forward.

Communicating proactively seems such an easy task but for a customer it can save time or money by gaining valuable information.  By keeping information clear and concise will help build a solid foundation of trust with your customer.  Pacific Coast Warehouse ensures that all communication with a client is relevant and facilitates better information.  The intent is never to inundate clients with messages that don’t provide value.  Since the Customer is always seen as #1 – PCWC’s communication is aligned with developing a value bond as a supply chain resource.

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