Face All Problems quickly and decisively


Mike Myatt, a leadership advisor to America’s top CEOs and leaders, commented, “Many would say if you’re in the leadership business, you are also in the business of dealing with adversity.  After all, leadership means facing challenges head-on”.  This is the epitome of #2 of the PCW WAY.

Whether it is personal or professional, you will face challenges and problems constantly.  However, if you develop a method of handling and learning from these problems, you will learn to thrive under pressure and succeed.  It takes a great attitude and an aptitude to stay focused, purposeful, and passionate.  Keeping a positive perspective on how you deal with the barriers that you will consistently encounter, will create the difference between success and failure.

Those who use obstacles as a way to rationalize and excuse behavior is not going to be the organization that exudes an atmosphere of confidence and trustworthiness to their clients.  Long-term this will impact customer loyalty and retainment and certainly is not a business model that will create growth, healthy improvement and success.

Setbacks and problems are a way of life.  While everyone would like a zero-error environment, we also know that at times events happen that prevent that.  However, HOW you handle those challenges and communicate to clients will capture a sustainable model.  Dealing with difficulties while leveraging your knowledge and expertise will boost performance and ultimately solidify your reputation with your customer.

Pacific Coast Warehouse includes FACE ALL PROBLEMS QUICKLY AND DECISIVELY because they understand that the sooner you recognize the problem, deal with it, and move on ensures an honest approach to performance and an understanding that there is always room for improvement.  Viewing each challenge as an opportunity, has allowed the PCWC team to learn from setbacks and produce a constructive and useful perspective to problems and challenges.  Using #3 of the PCW WAY completes the process with communication to the customer.

If you are looking for a 3PL partner who isn’t going to hide from problems and challenges but use them as an opportunity for success, then Pacific Coast Warehouse is an organization you need to know!

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