Customer Care is Job #1


Customers are what allows our company to exist.  Without customers – there is no Pacific Coast Warehouse.  That’s why we make the Customer our first priority.  We want to ensure our customers feel appreciated because we DO appreciate them.

We appreciate them because we know their business isn’t easy.  Improving our relationships with those customers allows us to understand their expectations, acknowledge what makes them tick and ensure that we initiate our business processes to align with their objectives.  We don’t believe in the statement by Dilbert (cartoon character of Scott Adams), “Our highest priority is our customers . . . except when it is hard, or unprofitable or we’re busy”.   But saying that our customers are important must be backed up with actions and value.

How do we make sure that our Customers are at the top of our list?

We are responsive when they need something.  Having a Customer Care department and Management team respond to a client’s needs when we are needed is an important element to our PCW WAY.  Responding promptly even if we don’t yet have the answers is an effective way to show that we care.  It’s hard to provide quick answers with efficiency and clarity.  It interrupts our normal daily flow of activity.  But it’s necessary to be responsive even when it’s not always easy or convenient.

We collaborate with our customers.  Our Business Reviews allow us to share information about the business and its direction.  These reviews are crucial to understanding if we are meeting the expectations.  This meeting allows open conversation and the sharing of challenges, ideas, performance and ongoing expectations between all parties.  We know that the needle keeps moving and we need to adjust our performance on new and modified expectations.

We ask for feedback.  We always try to do everything right, but as with many, we are perfectly imperfect.  So, we ask for our customer’s feedback on our performance or on challenges that we are working through.  Everyone likes to be heard.  And they like it even more when you use that information to improve.  Embrace the good information, but more importantly, embrace the bad.

We never forget to thank our customers.  We want our customers to know that we appreciate that they’ve allowed us to handle their supply chain needs in southern California.  We thank them for their business because there are a lot of options out there and they selected us.  We love that.

Pacific Coast Warehouse knows that the sale of new business is just the start of the real work.  We work hard for our clients but it’s necessary to show that in a variety of ways. Having CUSTOMER CARE IS JOB #1 on our PCW WAY reinforces that our employees know how important the customer is.  Putting the customer genuinely at the heart of the business is ultimately key to PCW’s success.

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