A Culture of Teamship resulting in Quality


Throughout my career I worked for companies that impacted me personally and professionally. Those organizations who positively impacted me always had the same characteristics:  Leadership that believed in its culture and the people around who used it as a way of business.  It wasn’t only the people that I worked with, but it was the environment that I worked in . . . a feeling of teamship and collaboration that was ingrained into the company culture.  As I look back on those great experiences with those companies, it revealed that those organizations had an outlined culture of expectation and how we were to work with one another.  They spelled it out so there was no room for interpretation.

This culture manifested itself in a variety of ways, but I wasn’t the only one who was impacted.  If you are fortunate to work with an organization that has this strong cultural binding, you experience lifelong comrades, some even lifelong friends, who realized that their work environment is special but not always usual for many corporations.

When I joined Pacific Coast Warehouse, my first thought was, how do I build upon the solid organization it was and elevate it to this role of teamship?  Thus, the creation of the PCW WAY that not only guides our culture but results in quality service and performance.  The 10 points in the PCW WAY establishes our work environment at all levels and reinforces a healthy organization.

Since its inception, these operational principles have guided us and created like-mindedness between members of the PCWC team.  Developing greatness in a company takes time and effort but with a focused approach, it certainly gains traction each day. 

In my next blog, I’ll provide more details on #1 of the PCW WAY which addresses the customer.

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