The selection of a 3PL partner was already under scrutiny and challenging due to the increased complexity of the supply chain but the covid impact clearly highlighted that not everyone was prepared to handle the challenges that the pandemic created.  

Selecting the right partner that can not only accommodate your current needs but can also anticipate the needs of your customers in the future is a daunting process.  So many elements to review to find that partner that can grow with you and your business longterm.  The relationship between both parties must be built on a foundation of trust and transparency.  With a fragmented 3PL community, the critical needs of your organization must be identified to fit with a 3PL who can service those needs. 3PL Selection criteria:

Local or Global? B2B or B2C, or both? Asset based? Technology capabilities?

And the list goes on . . . 

Many 3PLs over-promise and under-deliver.  Some 3PL organizations know their strengths, want to continue to be open-minded to expanding their capabilities but also realize that they can’t be everything to everyone.  Nor should they.  At Pacific Coast Warehouse, our value proposition is consistent with our strengths and we continue to build a strong service offering to clients in our concentrated industries.  We are comfortable with our service offering we can provide to clients in a tried and true operational approach that results in customer satisfaction.

  • We are a California 3PL provider who can provide you logistics services in the western region.
  • We are not too large and also not too small!  Large enough to be an effective and productive partner.  Small enough to have personal relationships with our clients.
  • We do not have transportation assets, but we manage long-term relationships with local carriers who we have done business with for many years.  They provide us with accurate and on-time deliveries.
  • We have a robust Warehouse Management system with productive processes that provides us flexibility and visibility.  However, we don’t invest in automated processes that limit us to handling every customer just one way.  We need to be effective for a variety of clients.
  • We value delivering a customer experience to our clients that continues to not only stretch our capabilities of “above and beyond” but builds relationships on a cornerstone of trust.
  • We specialize in Chemical, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Packaged Goods. However, we handle other general merchandise products and enjoy handling new products.
  • We believe in a culture of stewardship, betterment, unity and authenticity.  This operational approach is what we call the “PCW Way” and guides us in how we manage our business. 

After the challenging year of covid, we understand that we needed to do a “strategy rethink”  – what lessons did we learn last year?  Did those lessons that take us forward or backward?  What is our sweet spot where we can be an effective partner to our clients?  With this re-evaluation, we believe we have risen to the challenge.  We can’t be everything to everyone, but we are comfortable in our 3PL “skin”.  We know what we do well.  If you are looking for a tried and true partner, someone you can trust, a resilient partner who is looking out for your interests – Pacific Coast Warehouse is your 3PL.  Choose PCWC!

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