Being lean in your supply chain processes in the past drove efficiency and cost effectiveness. Companies were applauded for it.  But as a 3PL who provides clients with a full-service offering, the job of “matchmaking” comes into place.  While matchmaking is known from the infamous song “matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch,”  2020 approached this in a unique way in the supply chain.  Usually matching up a vendor or partner to a needed service is a common practice and one that is done swiftly and efficiently.  Due to a global pandemic that changed.

Most companies use the same carriers, the same partners with a little variation because these grouping of vendors have been vetted, relationships have been built and trust has been established between the two parties.  Well, throw that out the window in 2020!  It became clear that capacity issues became a detrimental issue to the supply chain.  A shortage of workers whether due to illness or just a lack of desire to be exposed, impacted normal routes, transit times and equipment availability.

Pacific Coast Warehouse, like many others, were challenged with ensuring current partners were available to meet the demand during the covid “season” – a season where we didn’t know when it would end or its outcome.  With all the shortages and extreme demands, the need for carriers and other vendors became crucial.

PCWC not only was able to meet the demands that were required of their local vendors but were able to work with other vendors who were able to step up and meet client needs.  The expansion of vendors and carriers were used to supplement the current base of partners that Pacific Coast already had.  And even when customer vendors were struggling, PCWC was able to help supplement with additional vendors as needed.  Matching up vendors to customer needs was necessary to expedite loads and products to market as quickly as possible.

With constant communication between parties, PCWC was able to anticipate needs and be ready to respond quickly to challenges as they arose.  Whether the issue was transporting more inventory to supply points, securing capacity for deliveries, assessing risk for critical business functions or planning to understand the operational impact, Pacific Coast Warehouse leadership was able to step up and match the demands of their customers to the needs to the market.  Covid-19 unravelled and exposed the vulnerabilities in the supply chain . . . a unique moment.  However, stepping up in 2020 to anticipate and match up current and new vendors to the challenges and concerns was a success due to the dedication, hardwork and communication of PCW staff.   The outcome from the pandemic has created a new normal in how we partner with vendors and depend on a lean environment.  Disruptions to our world are increasing in frequency and how we handle that has become the new normal in the supply chain.  But if you want a partner who can manueaver chaos and take lemons and make lemonade – Pacific Coast Warehouse is the partner for you!


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