As we review the PCWC story for 2020, the word RESILENCE keeps coming to mind.  A company that works in supply chain, specifically, would need to have the capacity to recover quickly by being resilient.  While recovering from tough situations may happen periodically during our careers, the year 2020 feels like it’s been non-stop.  And if we weren’t resilient, what would have become of a company like Pacific Coast Warehouse, who has been doing business in this industry since 1927? 

Well, in our case, we continue to work hard to thrive as a company and as a 3PL provider to our clients.  Achieving RESILIENCE+ has been a necessary skillset for not only our leadership team but for every PCWC employee.  But how?  There are several ways we’ve accomplished resiliency in 2020:

  1. We have always believed we would be able to cope with the challenges of this year.  We do that by simply not panicking but making a plan of what we need to do.  Keeping it simple and working through that plan allows us to make milestones of success in changing how we do business in this year of covid.  There have been days where we needed to step back and think things through and ensure we’re doing the right things for our employees, our customers and ultimately for the supply chain.  But taking one step at a time has been a basic slogan.  Failing just wasn’t an option.
  2. We have also stayed connected with clients, partners and industry contacts.  Validating the situation and sharing ideas with others helped with ensuring we weren’t in this alone but together with other companies who were addressing the same challenges . . . ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  A whole new experience for everyone.
  3. Communicating with our employees and customers was at the top of the list.  Usually, in the past, we were communicating factually and addressing how we need to go forward.  However, this pandemic has brought a different aspect to our communication.  We were outlining how we were going to handle the business in a safe and secure way for our employees . . . in a much different way.  We’ve always created processes that guarantee the safe chain of custody in the supply chain and safety measures within the building and with the usage of equipment, etc.  But now we needed to think about their daily health with different concerns like masks, social distancing, and constant cleanliness.  There was no, “I’ll deal with this later” mindset . . . we wanted to make sure our employees felt comfortable coming to work every day for the safety of themselves and their families.
  4. Positivity was a necessary trait during 2020.  There was enough negativity, frustration and fright out there.  We knew we needed to stay positive in the midst of the adversity.  The “sky is falling” approach wasn’t going to help anyone!  There were a lot of unknowns throughout 2020 but we knew we were going to put our best foot forward and being positive on our performance helped the team unite even more than normal.
  5. Lastly, I think amongst all the challenges, we also were able to put things into perspective.  We knew that while our job in supply chain was essential and needed, we also understood how important our families at home and at work were through this situation.  We understood how important it was for us all to be safe and support each other.  Yet we also knew how fortunate that we were being able to work as an essential business while so many people lost their jobs or were suspended from jobs due to the closings of all non-essential work.

While Pacific Coast Warehouse always felt that as an organization we were resilient, 2020 has definitely elevated that definition – like resilience on steroids!  We have pivoted and changed direction multiple times, in the face of adversity, and we are ready to see what 2021 brings us! 


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