Good intentions with customers can go a long way in building a relationship that continuously nurtures trust.  Leadership followed up with actions allows a relationship to evolve and grow toward something more purposeful.

The Pacific Coast Warehouse team has always been transparent in its communication and authentic in its relationships.  These building blocks has always been the foundation to advance customer relationships and creates a distinct difference in their customer 3PL partnerships.

But how are PCWC’s intentions shown through sustainable actions to their customers?  There are several ways used:

  1. Leadership at Pacific Coast Warehouse is generous with their knowledge.  Being open, transparent in setting expectations and then achieving those results is one clear message of how PCW is serious about their promises.  Providing a clear and concise circulation of information gives customers the answers that are required and the commitment level needed for a supply chain partner.  These communications can come through conversations, emails, reporting, and other KPI requirements.
  • Business Reviews are another tool that can be used to share information of intent.  These reviews can be focused on future intent, outcome intent or commitment intent, or a mixture of all three.  In any case, these meetings of all parties, allows full disclosure of performance results, continued commitment to expectations and needs, but more importantly, a concentration of future intent.
  • PCWC team takes responsibility.  They are accountable for their actions and don’t try to shift blame when issues arise.  They change course direction and ensure that that commitments are met consistently.
  • Treating customers with respect and empathy is probably the biggest and most important element of good intentions.  PCWC reaches out to customers anticipating their needs and showing that they will take the necessary actions required to best suit the situation.  We don’t try to fit a solution into a box but customize the approach based on customer needs and wants.  We understand that the supply chain and meeting customer expectations can be challenging but we are here to handle these requests with understanding of the necessary outcome.

Pacific Coast Warehouse is INTENTIONAL.  We are focused on our customers and what makes their life easier!  We see our customer partnerships as an extension of their business moving forward with a clear grasp of their strategy and our piece of their supply chain puzzle.

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