Gaining trust within any relationship takes time and builds upon itself.  A structured approach to building trust creates a tangible approach that can influence your relationships resulting in a healthy business model that thrives and grows.

Trust-based initiatives creates a sustainable competitive advantage where customers are less interested in price-related issues, creates greater value and leads to a higher customer retention.

As outlined in the book Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, claim that trust comes from two places:  intent and competence.  INTENT requires that you have pure intentions of acting in the customers’ best environment to create an environment of trust.  Whereas, COMPETENCE requires that you have the capability to execute those good intentions.  These two elements must work together to build trust and can’t succeed without the other.

Of course, if you haven’t done your due diligence in your selection process by choosing the correct 3PL partner who you can form a healthy relationship, achieve specific requirements and expectations, then a sustainable advantage in the market isn’t in the cards for you.

How do you ensure that your 3PL partner has the foundation that will bring your organization a competitive advantage?  It starts with the a 3PL who has guiding principles that is the cornerstone of the operational approach in the business.  Those principles create the framework for the organization and its employees to perform in a way that gains customers’ trust.

Pacific Coast Warehouse has developed principles that have been infiltrated throughout the organization from years and lay the foundation for customers to select them as “partner of choice”. 


Our culture is one of true customer care.  We actively listen to our customers and their expectations and then translate that information into processes and methods that allows us to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We take pride in our work because we want our customers to be satisfied and encounter a positive experience with our team.


Our mantra is – “Better today than yesterday”.  Higher quality, faster response times, lower costs, and higher profits.  We leverage our diverse talents and experience to product the best solution for our customers.  The Key Performance Indicators that we review weekly and provide monthly will demonstrate Betterment or we will act proactively to achieve that status.


Our teams are passionate about their work.  Our goal, together, is to draw on our knowledge, cooperate with one another and tackle challenges as new opportunities for success.  Having fun in our workplace is a critical element in unity.  Our motto is familiar – e pluribus unum!


We recognize that we are likely to have conflicting views upon occasion.  We will be professional, honest, sincere and open in all of our interactions – internally and externally.  We will face any problems that arise quickly and decisively.

These principles were built into 10 points of the PCW WAY that allows employees a systematic gateway that leads to a delightful customer experience based on trust.

Our blogs going forward (GAINING TRUST SERIES) will explore how PCWC gains customer trust and brings them a sustainable competitive advantage in the California market.

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