This communication was developed for our PCW team, but it applies to all who are keeping our supply chains moving –

You are on the front lines of a global effort to combat Covid-19.  This is serious business my friends.  Without you doing what you are doing every day the risks to your family, friends, neighbors – all Americans – would be increased.  Their ability to obtain food, water, medical tests, disinfectant and other life sustaining products would be impaired.  This is what you are supporting with the work that you are doing –

  • School Nutrition – Schools are mostly closed but they continue to feed the low income students who get a significant part of their daily nutrition from their schools
  • Sanitation – Chemicals used to manufacture agents that are used to disinfect hands, instruments and work surfaces
  • Clean Water – Chemicals used to make water fit for human consumption
  • Food – Our military, hospitals, grocery stores and take-out restaurants
  • Medical – Supplies, tests, and disinfectants
  • Agriculture – Fertilizers, herbicides and food processing products
  • Education – Virtually all learning is now taking place in California’s homes.  You ship learning tools to homes to keep education progressing
  • Packaging – Manufacturing of critical items needed during this outbreak require packaging
  • Homeland Security – The federal department with the awesome duty of keeping us and our families safe has designated the chemical supply chain as critical to the national defense

I am very concerned for my 100 year old dad who lives with Carol and me.

I am concerned for my children and my grandchildren.  Concerned enough that I have not seen them, or hugged them or laughed with them for 2 weeks and likely won’t for many weeks more.

I am concerned for you and your families.  We implemented our Social Distancing before the end of February and we have tightened our regulations multiple times each week. 

I will never be able to thank you enough for what you are doing to make my family safer.  When you look around the office or the warehouse I hope that you recognize that the people that you are working with every day are, in fact, making your family safer than they would be if we were unable to get such critical items into the hands of those who feed, and protect, and sanitize, and purify for the benefit of us all.

From the bottom of my heart!

Jim Emmerling, President

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