Accommodating customer and consumer desires require your 3PL partner to have a sense of urgency and tight processes that create efficiencies resulting in speed and quickness.

Once inventories are placed with a 3PL then the turnaround of orders into shipments into deliveries must occur quickly to satisfy normal and peak customer demand.  And it can’t happen just one time but needs to be a consistent and sustainable process that ensures customer orders are shipping accurately and timely and addressing the retail metrics that are required.

So, actions are better than words!  Many 3PL’s talk to that but it’s necessary to ensure that there are examples that your 3PL is actually adhering to these needs. 

These are the actions that PCWC has put into place to ensure a quick and sustainable service.

  1. Evaluate Processes for redundancy.  Making all your processes efficient is an ongoing evaluation and improvement.  Pacific Coast Warehouse continuously evaluates their work patterns to establish small enhancements to each SOP.  Each small change can add up to significant improvement and efficiency.  PCWC has buttoned up processes, while removing redundancies that do not provide value or quality.  This has allowed the efficient movement of products within the warehouse creating a procedure that brings operational effectiveness resulting in a quicker turnaround time of order receipt to order shipment.
  • Use Technology that makes the business more efficient and effective.  Working hard is not the key but working smart.  Using WMS technology that provides worthwhile real-time information brings desired results.  Warehouse Management systems are designed to create optimized workflows that reduce travel times, enhance storage and inventory effectiveness, and improves labor allocation.  Pacific Coast Warehouse has invested in WMS technology that improves their operational performance and provides visibility to clients bringing speed to the supply chain.
  • Provide Complementary Services that bring full solutions and enhance service to the Customer.  Be good at what you do and partner with companies that complement your own services.  Providing a full-service offering with trusted partners who has the same service approach can give customers a comprehensive solution that is seamless and multi-dimensional. 

Pacific Coast Warehouse has been providing distribution and logistics services for over 90 years but has long-time partners in the transportation role.  Those partners provide excellent delivery services and have specific guidelines established for pickup and delivery.  This established schedule delivers consistency to meeting appointments, but flexibility is also required when handling exceptions and other immediate needs.  These combined delivery options enhance delivery performance meeting retail scorecards and expectations.

Offering value-added services within the 4 walls of the warehouse also eliminates travel and time in your supply chain.  The more services that can be handled all in one location brings improvement and savings of time, money and effort.

  • Be a valued 3PL Partner.  Pacific Coast Warehouse prides themselves with bringing value to their customers.  Steady and stable performance in accordance with expectations builds trust in PCWC relationships.  Pacific Coast excels at handling the unusual for clients while doing it in a well-planned and methodical approach creating nimbleness in their customer’s supply chain.   Working with PCWC allows clients to be close to their customers, in proximity and service, reducing our client’s time in the supply chain. 

Pacific Coast Warehouse has a goal for efficient and sustainable supply chain services.  Everything we do has an impact on customers.  We are diligent in our efforts to create speed to market and the ultimate customer experience.