PCWC knows the importance of satisfying the customer by keeping it personal.  And when it’s personal, it means something.  Let me put it another way, Pacific Coast Warehouse takes serving customers personally to make it personal.

How many times have you heard in the business world especially when you talk to a customer, “it’s not personal,” after they’ve made a decision that didn’t go in your favor?  But it IS personal and why shouldn’t you take it personal? When you put your heart into your actions, then it can be disheartening at times but also greatly rewarding.

When PCWC takes things personally, they recognize customers interests, needs and requirements.  And that’s how they get it right by making the customer experience personal.  And, when personal service is done right – it is incredibly powerful.

Poor customer service has an immediate impact on an organization.  When Customers were asked what the great sources of customer satisfaction were four needs were identified.

  1. Competency
  2. Convenience
  3. Proactivity
  4. Personalization

While competency was the highest need, the most sought improvement was better human service at almost 40% double from the other categories that were under 20%.

So, when you look at the 4 needs of COMPETENCY, CONVENIENCE, PROACTIVITY and PERSONALIZATION and add BETTER HUMAN SERVICE in how you execute these areas, you see an opportunity to serve customers in a whole different way. 

PCWC consolidates all these needs into three areas that are key for PCWC in satisfying customer experiences.


When PCWC speaks from the heart to customers, they do so with benevolence understanding the needs of their customers and their customers.  While PCWC wants to communicate in a variety of ways to make it convenient for a wide range of clients (phone conversations, emails, texts, skype, social media), it is always intentional to provide information that is proactive and personal.  Building relationships can only come from being personal . . . with competence, transparency and consistency.


Listening is not the same as hearing.  Hearing is a skill that happens automatically.  However, hearing from the heart . . . or LISTENING is a skill that doesn’t come easy to most.  PCWC works at listening to their customers and what they are saying . . . and in many cases, what they are not saying.  Hearing from the heart and caring allows the PCWC team to be proactive, anticipate and raise the bar in serving client’s supply chain.  If there is a skill to master, listening (or hearing from the heart) is it.


Creating logistics solutions can be challenging.  However, creating solutions from the heart takes the client interaction to a higher level.  Navigating and engaging with everyone involved brings ideas and answers that aren’t just in the box.  PCWC doesn’t just create a solution but designs it multi-dimensionally.  The goal is to solve the client’s issue but also create the solution that also touches their customers, developing a full and comprehensive result that satisfies.

Engaging in FROM THE HEART approaches elevates PCWC’s customer relationships in a personal way that can make a difference.  Personal heartfelt experiences are what keeps PCWC’s customers satisfied and committed.  Does your 3PL exhibit that personal touch to your relationship and supply chain satisfaction?