Logistics is like a ROLLER COASTER.  It has its UPS and DOWNS. But it’s your choice to SCREAM or just ENJOY the ride.

So, how are you handling the ups and downs in your supply chain?  If your order volume has peaks and valleys, then efficiency can be challenging even in the best of situations.  However, using a third-party logistics company (3PL) can make all the difference.

If your business has fluctuations that are hard to manage, work with a 3PL who can be responsive to the fluctuations with labor and space.  That’s what they do!  3PL’s that have a shared environment of customers, the labor that is used can be moved from one client to another based on activity needs.   Dedicated human resources to your business can be quite costly especially during those volume valleys.  Save your logistics money by sharing labor with other 3PL clients and bring efficiency to this area of your business.

On the same note, when you have those seasonal peaks with volumes, it can take much more space that you may not have internally or you’re trying to find temporary space.  Working with a 3PL can bring your budge into line by increasing and decreasing your space needs as your business demands.  Minimum charges may be applicable with a 3PL but those incurred costs still save not only your budget but all the time and effort.

So – here are some of the benefits that you can bring to your supply chain:


  • In the seasonal peaks and valleys of your volumes;
  • In the contractual commitments with a 3PL.  You can have a 30-day contract or a long-term contract based on your business needs.
  • In leveraging assets.  Handling and storage equipment plus additional warehouse space are costly.  Now you are only paying an allocated cost of these assets versus owning them yourself.
  • In labor needs.  Paying an allocated cost of overhead, labor and leadership as your business dictates gives you quality labor in a shared environment.

So, while the roller coaster ride may be fun at the amusement park – not so much in your supply chain!  Get off the ride and start working with a qualified, experienced 3PL partner who can bring efficiency into your logistics model.