Supply chain movement can be challenging during the winter months especially during the holidays. There is no question, weather issues and gigantic volumes plague customer orders, accuracy and speed. This can be somewhat dampening to the spirit as you prepare for the holidays. 

But while all the minutia can be distracting, we, at PCW, have several ways that keep us merry and bright!

Deliver joy around you.

You can choose how you handle challenges and problems.   It can be rewarding for everyone if issues are handled with a smile.  Spreading holiday cheer with upbeat discussions and addressing problems in a practical approach can allow you to rise to the demands of the job yet stay positive.  We give that gift of joy to our customers and to each other!

Be Motivated and Balanced

Don’t let the hustle and bustle bring you down!  Stay motivated on and prioritize tasks.  Completing one thing at a time can help you feel accomplishment and productive as you check off the tasks off of your “to do” list.  Make sure your work list and personal list are separated so you can be energized as you complete items off of each list. Celebrate the accomplishment!

Stay Focused on Today

During the holidays, we have a tendency to over commit ourselves.  Make sure you pace yourself and don’t over burden your day with trying to get everything done in a single day.  Stay focused on what needs to happen today and be happy in the festivity of the day.   Takeout the stress of the day and drink hot chocolate!

Remember a chaotic holiday is a choice!  The holiday season is for celebration.  Pacific Coast Warehouse celebrates the holiday spirit and wishes its associates and customers a very merry one!  We hope we’ve spread the spirit of the holiday to you all!