The Customer Care department is the heart of any organization and that certainly is no different at Pacific Coast Warehouse.   If the heart of the organization is not healthy and provides the services to your customers, it can be a heart attack!

When you make the right C H O I C E  in selecting a 3PL who has a foundation of being customer oriented, you can improve your network knowledge and transparency.   So what are the characteristics that will help us identify a 3PL who has a high level of customer care?  At Pacific Coast Warehouse we elevate our Customer Care offering through C H O I C E:

C          Consistent and timely Communication

H         Hear what your Customer says

O         Offer your help in any way you can

I           Innovative approach to Solutions

C          Complete knowledge of the Situation

E          Empowered Decisions for the Customer

Consistent and timely Communication

Communication to the Customer develops the bond of relationship between the customer and the organization.  To be effective, this responsiveness needs to be consistent and timely.  Even if the answer is not yet available, touching base with the customer with updates will build trust.  However, as with any communication, it’s a 2-way requirement. The customer needs to also provide input to the 3PL which helps ensure that both parties are aligned.

Hear what your Customer says

The old saying, “You have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason” is a necessary skillset in caring for the customer.  Listen and hear what the customer says.  More often than not, 3PL’s will engage with the customer but not really listen to the information given.  By hearing our customers, we can customize our solution by understanding what is important to them.  Listening is an important requirement in supporting and satisfying customers.

Offer your help in any way you can

Be available.   Think about how you can help your customer in different ways . . . maybe not a way that you’ve done before.  If you’re listening you can offer them service which they may not require constantly but are short-handed and would appreciate the extra hand.  Always offer help.

Innovative approach to Solutions

Think how you might help your Customer with a creative approach.  This may be a report that is different than their normal selection that might give them insight to their business.  All options should always be reviewed.  Team members who challenge the status quo and aren’t tied into “that’s the way we’ve always done it,” are the individuals who continue to elevate the service business.

Complete knowledge of the Situation

Customer Care people who get all the information from all parties are the best at understanding the situation and how to solve it.  Tearing down the virtual walls between the office and warehouse gives both parties better knowledge of how to serve their customer.

Empowered Decisions for the Customer

A culture of empowerment is a valuable tool for a Customer.  Having limited decision makers can delay responsiveness and you can lose out of opportunities if you can react quickly on situations.  Empowered employees are able to perform quickly and efficiently.

As a customer-centric organization, Pacific Coast knows that  C H O I C E S are key in elevating customer care to the shipper.   The Care team does everything in its power to satisfy our customers and elevate our service in all areas we can.

Selecting the right 3PL partner can put you on the path to supply chain success: