The only constant, in a complex business market that continues to shift, is change.  To be relevant you need to be able to change.  And a company that is relevant brings value.  Organizations and Individuals must be relevant and pertinent to be valuable to their customers.  Intentional actions engage with customers and contribute to their supply chain requirements.

MEANING:  Relevance is the state of being closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand. 

Relevance doesn’t mean be everything to everyone.  Small unimportant things will intrude and can quickly become important versus staying focused on the bigger picture and the areas that will bring success to your organization and value to your customer in the supply chain. 

ONGOING COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE    Knowledge and skills are necessary and should be approached proactively.  When you approach ongoing learning with energy and enjoyment it broadens your principles and practices.  Having a continuous improvement lifestyle keeps you growing while staying mindful to your organization’s belief system and purpose.  Customers want to do business with organizations that are knowledgeable and believe in constant improvement. 

AWARENESS OF CUSTOMER SITUATION    As a customer-centric organization, the ability to understand what the customer wants is crucial.  Other levels of this awareness include developing practical solutions that address customer problems.  Organizations who can build applications that are used to solve customer problems will be relevant.  However, the highest level of awareness is anticipating what your customers will require in the future.

FLAWLESS EXECUTION    Don’t just talk about what you can do for your customer but execute on it.  Customers expect flawless execution and results.  Superior performance will never open the door to competitors who promise lower prices and better solutions.  Ensure your operational implementation is unblemished.

DEEPER CONNECTIONS    Deeper connections with customers that are relatable can bring the emotional tie that resonates with your customers.  Creating the overall stellar experience for the customer is the cherry on top that can build those long-term relationships and customer loyalty that every company works towards. 

Customer have choices.  Customers will be loyal and spend their money with companies who stay relevant.  

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