One thing about being a service organization, it is a humbling experience.  There are so many things that we do right but, every once in a while, there is that miss-step that keeps us humble.  That is an obvious example of staying humble.  But how do we stay humble during the good times? 

Humility is the lack of self-importance.

Humility creates a genuine desire to unearth information about others. 

So, how does that look for PCWC during everyday interactions with customers?  Our attitude and demeanor are respectful towards our customer in a way that shows they matter. 

  • We talk to customers every day and everything we do ensures and confirms that we care about their business.  Developing a foundation of trust can grow an authentic approach to the business where new ideas can be tried. 

We are open-minded in learning new approaches and ideas that we may not be familiar with OR, more importantly, with ideas that we are familiar with and may not think they will work.  

  • Communication and collaboration with associates and customers bring out a variety of differing ideas.  With a lifestyle of continuous improvement, we review different approaches that may allow us to raise the bar just a little bit more.  An idea that may not have worked years ago, may have a new twist to it that would benefit the operation now.

We make the customer first.  We truly care about our customer’s best interests.  

  • Understanding our customer’s needs first puts us in a position to be customer-centric.  Doing everything in our power to carry out the interests of our customers is a priority for our business.  It is our responsibility to come up with processes and procedures that enable the PCWC organization to meet, exceed and anticipate the needs of customers.  We share information with our customers, focusing on clear results and celebrating accomplishments. 

We are transparent with our customers.  We take responsibility for our mistakes and learn from them.

  • We are authentic and transparent with our customers.  With that comes responsibility for our actions.  We take that responsibility seriously.  While we always want to delight our customers, we are not perfect, and we admit that at times, we fall short.  However, we are transparent about them and take responsibility for our actions.  But, what is important is how we manage the process after falling short.  Sharing information with customers on how we are going to address issues is certainly important for the “now”.  However, we also discuss what we will be doing to ensure that situation doesn’t occur again.  Where did we fall down in the process?  What needs to change?  What training needs to occur? 

We are a “student expert”.  While we have a lot of expertise and experience in logistics we know we can always learn more.  Our customers and associates are a great resource of learning and improving our business. 

  • Our constant discussions and business reviews create a perfect environment for sharing ideas, direction and focus.  Our internal shift meetings and team meetings are used to open up ideas from associates for changes in processes and procedures.  Since they are personally involved in those processes daily, they have a unique perspective that can be used for improvement. 

We understand what we do well and the areas we need to improve.  We will ask for help as needed and find this quality to be a strength as an organization.  

  • Humility is a strength for Pacific Coast Warehouse.  We know we are a great organization who has many years of experience and expertise.  However, we also know that we live in a world that is quickly changing and volatile at times in expectations.  With that in mind, we know there are always ways to improve and are flexible in changing our approach. 

Humility is one of the best qualities for an organization and its leadership.  This valuable characteristic can produce loyalty with customers and build an authentic relationship of collaboration and sharing.  Pacific Coast Warehouse stays humble in a volatile consumer environment focusing on our customer’s success. 

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!

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