The simple act of caring is heroic.

There are many ways to show you care for customers. At times, business decisions have been made with a flippant excuse of “it’s not personal, it’s business”. But as one of the main initiatives in embracing care within the Pacific Coast Warehouse organization is we MAKE IT PERSONAL. By making our interactions personal by creating a memory and an experience between PCWC and its customers, we show we care. The soft skills of caring, listening, empathy and trusting can make the difference in a customer’s experience.

While there are other initiatives that help us care for our customers, making it personal is the foundation that we build upon.

1-BE RESPECTFUL to your customer by listening and taking the steps to understand where your customer is coming from. You won’t always agree with each other but it’s important to understand and respecting different viewpoints and approaches.

2-BE AVAILABLE to your customer as a logistics resource and expert. By helping your customer not only in the services provided but in other areas of need, shows that every action that you perform embraces care to your customer.

3-ENJOY your customer in a positive way to build stronger bonds. In other words, have fun with your customer. Not everything has to be all business. Get to know your customer in a personal manner where conversations can show how much you enjoy your customer.

We embrace our customers with care. Not only does our customer care teams service them every day with their daily requirements but each associate at Pacific Coast Warehouse does their part in making it personal.

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!

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