When you take action, you want to be successful.  How can you ensure that?  Well, once you commit to an idea and direction, you need to begin the process of planning its execution.


Many people dwell too long and not actually doing.  It’s great to think it through to ensure you aren’t missing anything.  It’s also good to have a Plan B should something need to change.  However, the biggest reason for failure for many is not carrying out any course of action.  Why?  The main reason is the fear of failure.

So, here are a couple of ideas that the PCWC team uses to TAKE ACTION:

1-Understand the fear.  Trying new things, different approaches may stall action from many employees.  People like to stay in their comfort zone.  However, at Pacific Coast Warehouse, we review our ideas with our associates and how we want to execute on them.  We want everyone to understand our direction and why we are making the changes.  Their direct involvement will help the “buying in” process.  We look at the risk versus the reward.  Everything we do we want to impact our customer and improve the workplace for our associates.

2-Realize failure is part of the process.  It’s ok to fail.  Failure creates learning and training moments.  It allows you to slowly move towards a better process.  Take what you learn and tweak the direction to refocus on the ultimate goal.

3-Keep Plugging Away.  Keep taking action and move forward.  Take it slow one step at a time towards the goals you’ve established.   As an organization that takes productivity seriously, PCWC realizes that even the smallest accomplishment will add up to bigger results.

Pacific Coast Warehouse believes in continued improvement.  You must take action to raise the bar on how we operate.

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!


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