Having a positive or negative attitude is your choice.  You can approach life (and work) in any manner you want — completely up to you.  Workplace attitudes impact everyone.  It can determine morale, productivity and team dynamics.  

Some of the advantages of a Great Attitude are: 


  1. Positive Work Environment
  2. Improves Customer Relations
  3. Enhances Teamwork
  4. Positively Impacts Co-Workers
  5. Improves handling of difficulties and challenges
  6. Improves Performance


  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Better Health
  3. More Energy
  4. More Confident
  5. Higher Motivation

Pacific Coast Warehouse works hard in creating a positive work environment by showing appreciation for the actions of its associates.  We lead by example with authenticity, enthusiasm and consistency.   We share the vision of the organization with transparency look for ways to engage and motivate our teams. 

We understand that it is the responsibility of everyone to have a great attitude.  But we also know we, at PCWC, can do everything in our power to create the best workplace for our associates.

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!

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