Consistency is the key to success for any organization.  It can be the difference between failure and success with your associates and with your customers.

Striving to stay consistent requires a reliable leadership model that people understand. 

Why Pacific Coast believes that Being Consistent is required as a 3PL: 

1-Builds trust in your relationships.  Following through with your commitments can quickly build trust.  When you are honest and sincere with customers, this will open the door to robust conversations.

2-Builds credibility.  When expectations and deliverables are met, it shows that priorities have been established.  Walking the Talk proves that your actions meet what you say.  Credibility with your customers reflects competency and focus in your business.

3-Builds stability.  With trust and credibility comes a stable work environment for your organization and your associates.  When associates feel comfortable in a safe and stable job, associates are engaged in the organization.

4-Builds effectiveness in your operations.  Engaged associates perform better.  Productivity improves by 20% in companies that have connected associates resulting in higher retainment.

5-Builds reputation and growth.  Building your reputation and positioning your organization for growth is important but it doesn’t just happen.  It is developed over time and is a slow and sustained process.  Being consistent in the right ways, is the foundation of a good reputation and growth strategy. 

6-Builds your message.  Building your message is your brand.  It’s like building a house.  It requires a strong foundation and investment of time and resources.  The most successful brands are implemented consistently in every aspect of your business. 

Being Consistent can determine your long-term success. 

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!


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