How can you be “who you are?”  Authenticity is a quality that many covet but it’s almost become cliché in today’s business world.  If you are being your true self, then you are probably a genuine person, worthy of belief.

Being authentic is important today where so many people, news feeds, politics, etc. pretend to be something that isn’t true.  Being heartfelt in your conversations without masking what is expected is a special and attractive quality.

When thinking of organizations that are authentic, key attributes like reliability and respectfulness are seen.   Pacific Coast Warehouse believes in 6 qualities that drives you to be authentic with your customers.

1-Be Open and Consistent – make sure your messaging is truthful and consistent to your customers. 

2-Have a strong team – make sure all levels of your organization have been trained, are customer-centric and model the culture of the company.

3-Be Attentive in Listening – don’t assume every customer is the same even if they are in the same industry.  Be quiet and listen to your customers.  Understand their needs, requirements and expectations.

4-Focus on Others – be outwardly in your dealings.  Don’t make it all about you.  Focus on your associates, your customers, your vendors, your customer’s customers. 

5-Have integrity in your dealings – Be honest in your business dealings and people will find your trustworthy, reliable and approachable.

6-Be Humble – don’t pretend that you can’t improve.  Have humility in your business dealings and know that you can always learn more and continually be better.

Reputation can impact how others view your organization.  Being authentic and embracing the 6 qualities listed can make your organization a trusted and partner of choice to your customers.

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . Being Memorable for the right things!

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