To be customer-focused means your company is serving your customer’s needs and is a strong contributor to the overall success of the business.  But how do you build a customer-focused culture?  Pacific Coast Warehouse shares some of their ideas internally and externally how they focus on the customer.


Focusing on the customer must permeate the entire organization.  The Senior Leadership must set the example of how we treat the customer.  This leading by example sets the foundation for the rest of the organization.

Of course, if you don’t have the right people who believe in a customer-centric approach, it won’t really matter what the leadership does.  So, during the hiring process, you need to make sure you are hiring people who have a heart for the customer.  Associates who want to serve customers are your most valuable assets to your company.

But even though associates want to do the right thing, they also need to be trained in how to do that.  Don’t assume everyone understands what customer-centric means.  As an organization you must identify what characteristics are required and needed to be focused on the customer.  Train your associates on your customer-focused culture.  Everyone aligned and going in the same direction can ensure a culture that satisfies your customers.


You can’t satisfy the customer if you don’t have a clear understanding of their wants and expectations.  So many organizations don’t communicate with their customers and listen to exactly what is needed.  Listening and understanding allows your company to set motions in place to meet those needs.

However, when you execute on those wants and expectations from your customers, it needs to be done in a personal manner.  Keep it personal.  This ensures that you’re bonding with your customer and building relationships that are authentic.  Strong customer relationships open the door to open conversations and collaboration on business requirements.

The customer service cycle must be adaptable as the consumer market changes.  The initial services that you provide your customer may change over time with different services.  You must be able to deliver the right services at the right time.  Having a broad service offering allows you to step up and meet the needs of your customer as they need them.

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