There are a lot of management theories out there, but one very simple theory has proven its value time and time again at Pacific Coast Warehouse.  And that theory is GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

This quality approach seems obvious.  No one wants to do things wrong.  However, when there are time crunches and seasonal peaks with minimal resources, there can be times where cutting corners would make things easier . . . at least for right that moment.  We all know if you cut corners now, you will likely need to do it again later.

So, for a company that has been around over 90 years like PCWC, how do you master the quality approach of “getting it right the first time”?

1 – Engage the right type of associates within the organization.  As we add new resources, we want people who understand the quality elements that we use daily within our operations.  Our associates need to be motivated to provide high levels of service with a heart to do the right thing.

2 – Have a lifestyle of continuous improvement within the company.  PCWC continues to raise the bar in their performance.  Nothing should ever remain status quo.  We spend time in reviewing our methodologies to determine better ways, improved processes to serve our customers.  Everyone in the organization is engaged in improvement.  Our metrics help us steer our direction by determining if our changes are gaining momentum.

3 – Lead by Example.  All behaviors expected of associates must be modeled by the leadership of the organization.  That leadership extends to all levels of PCWC.  Leaders within the organization don’t expect associates to perform their work in a quality manner without also performing at a high quality level themselves.  Leading by example means to walk the talk and everyone in the organization believes that this is a critical element to our quality approach.

These 3 simple elements are the backbone of how Pacific Coast Warehouse approaches their performance of “getting it right the first time”.  This not only is the best approach for our customers and their customers.  But it also creates an efficient and effective quality process.

Pacific Coast Warehouse . . . being Memorable for the right things!

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