The recall of products can be devastating to an organization.  Not only is there a financial impact but a reputation can be sorely damaged especially if the recall process has not been handled appropriately and timely by the organization.

Having a proactive workflow outlined can ease the pain of the recall process.

RESPOND     Quick reaction to the situation is necessary.  Delays in response can create exposure to the brand.

As a 3PL, Pacific Coast Warehouse can immediately access information on product, batch codes, delivery dates and consignee addresses.  Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) tracks all specific details of each product in and out of the buildings.  Product is tracked at all levels within the PCW facilities.  Once leaving our secure site, our WMS tracks shipment delivery.  All information is readily and quickly available at a moment’s notice for recall.

RETRIEVE     Due to regulatory requirements, the retrieval process of all products is vital for safety and legal reasons.   Retrieving products from store shelves, warehouses, homes will reduce the risk to the organization.

Pacific Coast Warehouse understands the regulatory tracking areas for Food | Beverage | CPG products.  PCW can help in the retrieval of all products and store them in a segregated and secure manner until product can be distributed or destroyed as needed.

REVERSE      Efficiency is key in the reverse process.  Taking time to stage a reverse logistics process for recall will be key should the event actually happen.

Annual recall training occurs at Pacific Coast Warehouse.  We understand the importance of speedy retrieval and information.  Going through this audit process ensures that we are prepared and all systems, process are in place.

RECALL     Customer communication is an integral part of the process.   Since all product has been tracked, it’s necessary to now use that information for the tracing and recall of that product. Documenting the process during each step of the recall will ensure high quality standards.

Since time is of the essence, Pacific Coast Warehouse continually communicates during each step of the recall process to ensure full visibility and transparency throughout the recall.

No matter the type of recall, Pacific Coast Warehouse is prepared to execute on your behalf.  If you are looking for a 3PL who can handle product recall, please contact us.

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