Customer care is the backbone to any organization.  This is the case at Pacific Coast Warehouse.  The PCW customer care group plays a huge part in the customer relationship.  They are the face to our organization – the people who talk directly to our customers every single day.  It’s a big job and not one to take lightly.

We have high expectations for this select team of individuals, so we give them the tools to do their jobs well.  We recruit people who care and have a heart for service and the customer.  We want these selected individuals to be accessible, knowledgeable and flexible.  We want them to invite the customer to a conversation.  But we know that this team isn’t the only thing that impacts our customer.  Our entire company is a customer care team – many don’t have direct contact, but everyone is represented when our Customer Care Representative (CCR) responds to our customer.

Pacific Coast Warehouse looks at customer service in three facets:


The customer relationship must be built over time.  For PCW to retain customers, we understand that we need to know what is important to our customers.  We can’t service them based on what we think is right but what they think.  We don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole, in other words, we don’t push our agenda onto our customers.  We listen and learn about their challenges, what help they need, and what would make their jobs easier.  Then we execute on that.  PCW meets and exceeds the expectations.  But more importantly, we do it constantly . . . not just one time.  And over time, our relationship continues to grow, and our customers trust us more and more.  Why?  Because we do what we say we are going to do.

Our team responds quickly and gives timely feedback.  We commit to responding and we carry out that commitment quickly.


Having a satisfied customer who appreciates what you have done is quite rewarding.  At PCW we simply satisfy our customer.  We provide them information on their shipments and delivery times.  We handle exceptions with their customers and work diligently to resolve them.   We explain any discrepancies and give notifications of anything that they may need to know.  We communicate constantly electronically and personally.  Nothing can take away a personal conversation.


Pacific Coast Warehouse looks at all the touchpoints that our customer interacts with our organization.   We want each touch to delight the customer.  But those touchpoints aren’t just with managers.  They are also with personnel in inventory control, warehousing, customer care, finance, transportation and more.  Our transparency in our actions give credence to our integrity and builds more trust in the relationship.  We know we won’t always do everything right, but we care.

PCW engages all employees with creating the outstanding customer experience.  Each and every employee is Pacific Coast Warehouse.  We are here to delight our customer.




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