Driver shortage isn’t going away.  Nor will tighter capacities and fewer choices.  So how do you tread through the treacherous path of these issues?

Pacific Coast Warehouse has approached the transportation challenges with fairness:

  • We build long-term relationships with our carrier partners. We are IN the market.  We don’t just have freight that ships here but we are here.  We understand the challenges that our carriers face each and every day.  Not with just the transportation industry-related issues but location issues with heavy traffic patterns in the southern California market.   Our network is stable because we’ve built those strategic relationship that are more reliable and result in consistency in service.
  • Cost isn’t everything. We want our customers to have competitive pricing.  But we also want them to have excellent service.  There is a balance to that.  We negotiate what we think is competitive pricing for our customers that give them reliable service that meets their customer’s expectations.  We also want our carriers to feel that it is fair to them.  Our goal is to keep them financially healthy but rate structures and service expectations that are reasonable.
  • Our warehouse facilities are located close to market and highways. Both the Chino and Ontario facilities are located in prime locations that make pickup and delivery easier for our carrier partners.  Both locations are clLoc Loc Locose to major highways that allow a carrier an ease of access when leaving our operations.  We work closely with our carriers to optimize the pickup times that help them.  Our constant communication by our Customer service team gives our carrier partner full access to shipments that require delivery with all delivery details available.

When our partners are challenged, we work with them to create a WIN-WIN resolution without jeopardizing our businesses.  Work with Pacific Coast Warehouse for your transportation needs.

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