Choosing transportation carriers can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of carriers within a market and you want to make sure your selected carrier addresses all your needs. That’s where Pacific Coast Warehouse Company steps in. We can ease your mind and free up your time by handling this process for you in the southern California market.

We’ve been doing this for over 90 years and have built some tremendous relationships of carriers who care about servicing our customers. Here are some of the grading points that Pacific Coast Warehouse reviews before selecting carriers that handle our customer’s shipments.

  • Must be flexible. We understand that our role is to make your life easier. We also know that things happen and not everything goes as planned. PCW’s carrier partners realize that flexibility is a necessary requirement. Our carriers can handle special requirements and urgent deliveries as they occur.
  • Service area and frequency must be consistent. PCWC has selected carriers that service the entire southern California market and that the frequency of delivery is consistent with our customer’s needs.
  • Sufficient capacity for regular and seasonal volumes must be available. We want to make sure that our selected carriers will be available during all times of the year. Our carrier partners commit to capacity volumes that ensure consistent rates for our customers.
  • Carrier must be financially sound.
    We want to make sure our partners are financially stable. Not only do we ask questions, but we keep an open eye to signs that can show potential concerns. Discussions with existing customers can reveal any issues we may need to know.
  • Equipment condition must be capable of handling food-grade products.
    We ensure that all equipment that is used for your shipments are not used for products that would pose a risk to food. Our inspection of equipment when it arrives to our door will be key to identifying problems.
  • Service responsiveness must be thorough and accurate.
    We want partners in all areas of our business that are like-minded when it comes to servicing customers. We expect our carriers to be responsive in their communication. We want to give you accurate and timely information.

Pacific Coast Warehouse determines the best-fit carrierr for your business needs. Our grading process is thorough and allows us to be selective in carrier relationships that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Only carriers who meet the above criteria are considered. Once we know the above grading is excellent, then we negotiate a rate structure that satisfies market competitiveness.


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