It can be a hard decision to decide to outsource any of your logistic services.  In this day of thinning resources and time being a valuable commodity that you never have enough of, many are looking to the economic value of outsourcing.

It’s a big step but to continue growing, it is a step worth taking.  Outsourcing is not a new concept.  Many organizations have allowed others to provide services that are not their core competencies.

Pacific Coast Warehouse Company believes that we can provide you 4 benefits to outsourcing your transportation needs:

  1. Expertise: PCWC understands the market, the carrier and our clients.  The combination of these three allow us to create the best customer experience as we eagerly manage your shipments, timely and efficiently.
  2. Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency: We have determined best fit carriers and have negotiated rates that are fair and competitive in the southern California market.  PCWC ensures that our clients to not have to go through the hassle of establishing local transportation relationships, outlining expectations, determining pricing needs or tracking performance.  We do that for you.  We know you – We understand what your expectations are.
  3. Flexibility: Your business may have seasonal volume fluctuations.  PCWC can be flexible in your transport needs, we have built a network of options that allows volumes to never have capacity issues.  As your volumes build, our network usage scales up.
  4. Time Savings: Outsourcing can not only save you money but it can save you valuable time.  Allowing PCWC to handle the transportation services give you and your team more time to handle what is really important to your organization.

Keep in mind, just because you outsource doesn’t mean that you lose control.  Now, you manage the process through performance-related metrics and analytics and don’t have to handle the mundane daily tasks that can eat up so much time.

Look to Pacific Coast Warehouse for your transportation needs in Southern California!


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