Trucking safety on the highways is an important issue in the United States. Over 70% of all freight is carried on a truck in the U.S. and this industry employs more than 3.5 million drivers. While trucking accidents are a low percentage, the impact can be overwhelmingly destructive.

Through the years the trucking industry continues to implement programs and regulations intended to improve overall public safety. Carrier’s safety ratings, BASICs scores, Hours of Service and other processes all help consumers educate themselves on which carriers are following industry standards and guidelines.

At PCWC, we take safety seriously whether in the warehouse or on a truck. So, while we don’t own transportation assets we use carriers and our clients use carriers. We don’t just simply hire a carrier. We believe it is our responsibility to choose carriers whose policies and values comply with safety regulations in the industry.

As we go through the vetting process of carriers that represent the same philosophy as PCWC, we have 5 elements in safety we review.

1. Safety ratings
2. EPA Smartway rating
3. Safety as a Core value
4. Culture of Prevention
5. Employee Empowerment

Pacific Coast Warehouse not only wants to serve our clients as expected but also in a safe and responsible way. Partner with PCWC – we move product to market better!

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