Service excellence is hard to pin down since many perceive it in different ways.  However, a study (named SERVQUAL) by Zeithami, Parasuraman and Berry found that there were 5 areas that customers used in evaluating service which seem pretty spot on.

As you see in the graph from the study, not all areas are equal.  But at Pacific Coast Warehouse, each of these areas touch on our PCW WAY quality process and are core to our organization.  This study just supports what we do and believe in but more importantly, how we approach our business and quality service offering.  We offer the gift of quality service to our customers outlined in these elements.

TANGIBLES – This area looks to the appearance of physical facilities, equipment, and personnel.  Overall everything a customer can see.

PCW has robust processes that ensure that not only are first impressions impressive, but second, third and ongoing impressions too.  If you see a clean facility and people take pride in their environment, then more than likely, they will take pride in everything they do to serve their customers.

RELIABILITY – Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.

Many just want their 3PL provider to do what they say they are going to do.  That’s really not asking too much.  Pacific Coast does not provide empty promises.  We know that reliability over time results in trust.  If the relationship does not have trust, then there will be problems.  We not only want to perform accurately but meet the expectations of our customers.  We can only do that with repetitive and dependable results.

RESPONSIVENESS – Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.

Today with the age of technology, it is not only necessary but expected to quickly react to inquiries and requests.  Customer Care is one of our top priorities.  Our Customer is important and information is timely.  Communicating constantly with our customers occurs in our service department.  We know that information must be up to date with quick responsiveness.

ASSURANCE – Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.

Pacific Coast Warehouse are the logistics experts.  We engage with our employees in not only functional training but in customer service.  We entitle them to make decisions and use their knowledge to determine the best approach.  We want our customers to know that not only does the senior management team have expertise but that is driven to all areas of the business.  Creating this depth of experts brings value to our customers and flexibility in the process.

EMPATHY – Caring, individualized attention the organization provides its customers.

We want passionate employees.  Passion for serving.  We want each customer to feel special and cared for.  This can’t be done with employees who don’t enjoy what they are doing.  Our Business Reviews with our customers include specific people that are involved in our customer’s business.  We want our customer to know the people that work on their business.  Having transparency in our relationships will help us understand the expectations and ongoing needs.

In this end of year season of peace on earth and goodwill towards others, PCW offers the gift of quality service.
·  Clean and compliant facilities where your inventories are being handled,
·  ease of mind with reliable services so you can enjoy your holiday,
·  personalized caring service from a PCW team that knows what is expected, and
·  responsive communication so you know that your customer is being served.

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