Anyone who uses any type of technology knows that to stay current, technology options must be updated constantly providing new features and efficiency updates.

At Pacific Coast Warehouse, we have decided to integrate into a new Warehouse Management System that will provide our team and our customers with additional features and a more efficient process for operations.

In January of 2018, we will be implementing Zethcon’s Synapse WMS into the PCWC operations. The combination of advanced capabilities and a hosted platform demonstrates PCWC’s commitment to reinvesting in our business for the benefit of current and future customers. In the world of the cloud, this approach enhances our business continuity plan and allows us to manage updates to the WMS and keep our IT resources focused on servicing our customers.

“I am very familiar with the Synapse system and what it can provide to both our operation and to our customers. We are most excited about the advanced fulfillment capabilities and the labor saving features such as task interleaving and two-step moves” — Jim Emmerling, President

After reviewing several WMS options, the PCWC team determined to move over to the Zethcon product for several reasons:

1) Broadest functionality that meets the PCWC needs and the needs of our customers.
2) Zethcon implementations have a diverse grouping of customer requirements which we felt would accommodate the PCW client base.
3) Personal experience with the Zethcon team has found them to be highly professional, knowledgeable and reliable.

Our operational teams are working closely with the Zethcon team in identifying and developing a plan of action for a seamless transition. We are excited about our technology direction and believe this change will continue to build our capabilities, streamline our operational processes and ultimately provide an enhancement to our customer experience.

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